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Gregory Kirschhoffer was born in Paris, in 1972.

He is a French Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator.


He began learning the drums at age 9 in Dante Agostini School at Studio Paris Centre Châtelet. Five years later, he entered the Rueil-Malmaison National Conservatory, where he followed a curriculum of Percussion with a Master Instructor in Contemporary Music, Gaston Sylvestre, and pursued his musical training by studying Harmony. In 1997, Greg obtained the “Premier Prix, à l’unanimité”, the french ”Music Studies Diploma”, with honors.


For 10 years, he has been Percussion Instructor at the Conservatory and taught music and rhythm as part of the professional training  for Dance Instructors.


He worked as a Writer, Composer, Arranger, and Singer for a solo album and performed, in June 2003, at the theater “Sous-Sol”, in Paris. He did his first interview on a radio program “Musical Hour”, in September 2003, on the Protestant Frequency Radio (100.7 FM).

He is also a member of the SACEM (French Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) and a member of the SACD (French Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers).


As an Assistant-Instructor in Music Education for dancers at the Conservatory of Paris (CRR), he is a Musician-Improviser, Drummer-Percussionist and Pianist for dancers in Jazz, Contemporary and Classical for many years. In 2006, he composed the music “Sixties Jazz” as part of the Jazz Dance Teacher diploma “Technique Aptitude Examination – EAT” for the Ministry of Culture. And, in 2009, he wrote “Flower” for the Choregraphic Jazz Dance Test in the Paris Conservatories.


At the end of his percussion studies, he pursued his second curriculum in Writing and Composition, to improve his classical writing (counterpoint and fugue) taking courses with Jean-Paul Holstein, Composer and Writing Professor at the National Superior Conservatory for Music and Dance (CNSMD).


In 2010, he accomplished a Conductor training with Laurent Goossaert, in Paris.


After his classical writing studies, he turned his attention to modern music, in particular, music for films by studying Arrangement, Orchestration and Modern Composition at the world renowned “Berklee College of Music” in Boston, Massachusetts (US).

In 2014, he accomplished his “Master Certificate in Arranging and Orchestration” with an additional “Specialist Certificate in Music Composition for Film and Television”, at the end of 2015.


With a comprehensive background in classical/jazz, contemporary and modern music, Gregory Kirschhoffer is a Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger and Drummer-Percussionist.

He looks forward to steering his career as a Composer toward Film and Television.



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